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​"You Can Do Anything"

​When I met Martha Stewart, she shared her four keys to facing major adversities as an entrepreneur:

1) Know who you are

2) Know that you will survive

3) Be healthy

4) Persevere

Martha Stewart and Leon Brie in Carnegie Hall, New York City

 Leon Brie with Martha Stewart in Carnegie Hall

"Be Present Where You Are"

​Michael E. Gerber, the world's #1 small business guru, when asked about the secret to his success said, "I didn't do it, IT did. You are here to discover IT." Be alive, be present where you are so that you can discover IT and let IT do it through you.

Michael E Gerber and Leon Brie The E Myth

Leon Brie with ​Michael E. Gerber

​"Connect on Shared Values"

Jerry Greenfield, co-founder of Ben & Jerry's ice cream, is a smart businessman with a kind heart. His #1 advice to entrepreneurs is to... connect ​with customers on shared values.

Leon Brie with ​Jerry Greenfield of Ben & Jerry's

​"Maximize Every Opportunity"

​​And as Ice T said, "When you do get a break, maximize it." Seize every opportunity and squeeze ​ everything you can get out of it. Be ruthless in maximizing ​every opportunity.

Coco Leon Brie and Ice T

​Leon Brie with Ice T and Coco

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